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Considering that purchasing a home is a very important decision to make, especially when it involves your finances, we ensure you get the best offers we have and the best rates on mortgages in Canberra. With the help of our expert mortgage broker specialists, you can receive an entire overview and a plan of everything from the start of the project, right up to the finishing touches. 

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Your Canberra mortgage broker

At Mortgage Broker Canberra, we not only offer you the best deals that you can benefit from, but you don’t have to spend a single dollar! That’s because our commissions are paid by the lender. In fact, we are paid the same rate from any lender you choose to go with, that’s why we always ensure our client’s interests are prioritised. We’ll offer you the best loan package solutions available in the market that you deserve, together with the most competitive interest rates for you where we can help you take negotiated rates with the use of our own channels. 

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We’re here to help you make the whole process a whole lot easier and faster. While working with you, we can give you the guidance you need in making decisions that will help you achieve your financial goal.

So let’s make this a reality, contact us now, and see how we can help source the best loan packages available in the market.

Why Choose Us?

You’ll get the chance to be provided with access to all the best loan options available in the market and receive the most up-to-date strategies that only work best for your financial roadmap. That simply means that you can make use of us for all you need, with our most competitive and most valuable loan packages.

We are known for being open and flexible with all your requirements and needs. That’s why we curate only the best loan product for you. Rest assured, that you’ll only be receiving the highest quality in advice, with a team working day and night for you.

We make ourselves freely accessible so that we are constantly available to help you, our clients, with anything you require and to provide solutions that work best for you. We are a family that wants the best for every client.

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No need to ask around who the “best mortgage broker near me” is anymore.

We are someone whom you can rely on and you can trust, because we are carry many years of experience in the industry to provide solutions for your financial needs. We’re your one-stop shop to ask for help with your home loans and other financial services. 

We want to build trust, and let our work speak results for you.

Refinance your home loan

The thought of refinancing your home loan, isn’t appealing to most people. That’s because if done so on your own – can be time consuming, and a headache to deal with. However, with Mortgage Brokers Canberra, we take the stress out of it, by dealing with the entire process start to finish on your behalf.

We’ll save you the time and effort of having to deal with any of the banks, and utilise our own networks to make sure that your application is moving quickly. We’ll also conduct a review on your existing arrangement, to ensure that you’re definitely benefiting, prior to commencing any refinancing.

Reasons to REFINANCE

There’s nothing better than a simplified process, especially when it’s to do with home loans. Ordinarily, what is considered to be quite time consuming and stressful, is done efficiently and easily by us. We’ve refined our processes and ensured that our networks are running smoothly – which translates to applications been processed quickly.

Through our initial review, we’ll check if it’s worth undertaking a refinancing. It’s important to note that refinancing on cheaper interest rates alone are not the only factor to think about. We also ensure that if you are to choose another financial institution – your serviceability is uncompromised. 

We care about your future, which is why we do a proper due diligence to ensure that you are definitely receiving the best deal – particularly if you’re looking to scale your portfolio.

If you’re looking to access additional cash flow, we can help you utilise any existing equity from your portfolio. Some reasons to consider using your built up equity would be if you were looking to undertake construction or renovations.

Consolidating your debt will enable to keep everything in one place, which makes keeping track of your loans super simple and easy. You might want to consider evaluating any existing personal or credit card debt, which we can advise any financial benefits in combining these with your mortgage.

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We will discuss any matters regarding your financial situation with you. We will get to know you better and understand your financial requirements in order for us to offer you the best solutions that will suit your needs. For us to help give you the best strategy to help achieve your financial goals we will be asking you a range of questions. It means that what we give to you is 100% tailored only for you because we are well aware that each client have different goals and financial status. We will educate you properly and help you learn how the process and market work as well as your current financial environment. We will let you know what factors affect different types of loan products and how loan instruments work. This includes how interest rates work and the difference between an ‘interest only’ loan and ‘principal and interest’ loan. We believe that understanding our client’s goal well, is an absolute must.

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2. The process - arranging a pre-approved loan

After identifying your financial goals and profile, the next thing to do is align and plan the best policy for you. This thing will help you ease your mind when purchasing valuable items and investments. The pre-approval loan process initially gives you an idea of your spending limits and in making offers with any property that you may instantly like.

Moreover, detailed information on every term, interest rates, costs, and other financial matters will get addressed. Besides, we'll scope up all the necessary connected deals and discuss it further to give you a thought on each value. This matter will surely enable you to look for the best bank to partner with and a term that will help you out.

3. We will then help get your loan approved and settled, while you relax

Once we receive the requested documentation after your loan proposal is approved, we will get in touch with the bank and keep you updated which can take anywhere between 1 to 2 weeks to get the settlement finalised.

Even after your loan has been settled, Mortgage Brokers Canberra will still be there to look after you and ready to answer any of your questions. We will annually review your loan and ensure that you are receiving the best loan package available out in the market. With that, we can now form comparisons with other lenders and start to negotiate on your behalf with the current lender to know whether you can secure your loan package at a lower rate, or seek to refinance with another institution that will keep you in a better position.

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Home loans

Our clients will be well-provided with industry experts that will educate them and give them guidance on finding the best home loan package. Choosing the right location in purchasing a property is not the only thing that may be stressful but also choosing the best financial options, the paperwork required, and the amount of time consumed.

The whole process may seem intimidating when it’s your first time buying, but with Mortgage Broker Canberra you will definitely find the right home loan once we determine your financial health and goals. That way, we can assess the best value package that works for you. We will then guide you through the process of obtaining a pre-approval which will give you the opportunity to enter contract negotiations for the property you plan to purchase. We’ll also keep you updated throughout the entire process while we do the work to complete the entire loan application.

If it is your first time to purchase a home, we can assist you with the First Home Owner Grant application and give you guidance throughout the qualification process. 

Investment loans

If an Investment Property Loan is what you are looking for, seek our help because we can provide you the best deals to help you get the best loan package currently available. We’ll conduct discussions on the types of loans available, such as choosing whether an ‘interest-only’ or ‘principal and interest’ is the appropriate loan structure. We’ll also give a plan for your investment strategy and expected returns to minimise any potential lender’s mortgage insurance.

Canberra Mortgage will also lend you a hand to review your entire property portfolio, to make sure you are receiving the best deals you deserve and negotiate with the banks on your behalf. We are here to help bring you convenience and help you get the most competitive and value for money loan products with the help of an extensive selection of lenders available. We’ll teach you how to manage your deadlines as well as your property valuations and settlement dates.

Above all, you will receive these services for free! 

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Renovation loans

Home renovations may cost a huge amount of money especially for properties that require a lot of structural work which may demand additional capital.

There are a lot of options to consider to fund this work and therefore it is important to ensure that you have enough cash flow in hand to sustain any financial liabilities.

These options include using your own savings or utilising equity of your existing property that has enough built up, to fund your renovations.

Construction loans

Building your own home or investing in property is always exciting without knowing that it can also be costly, and quite complicated managing the expenses of the building and construction itself. Taking a construction loan can be a solution for finding funds for home construction but securing one is not as easy as it may seem.

Availing a construction loan offers flexibility but with special conditions. You can receive your loan funds by instalments or in chunks, and therefore have the ability to receive payments at different stages at your construction project.

This is what most people do, because you might not need all the cash upfront but most probably in stages. Financial institutions will deposit these predetermined loan amounts which you can benefit from this because you only have to pay the interest of the amounts drawn from the loan facility.

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Commercial loans

Commercial financing allows you to have your working capital for capital funding ventures which you can avail from various lenders and financial institutions.

While looking for the right type of borrowed capital, you might look for help to achieve your investment strategy and Mortgage Broker Canberra is more than capable of that.

Our Finance Broker Canberra team can provide you the best value debt to fund your next business venture or project whether you ask for short or long term commercial finance. 

Car loans

It may seem difficult to get your hands on your long term dream vehicle. But with Mortgage Broker Canberra, you can get the best value car loan that can help you ease your cash flow without the need to front all cash. This will help you plan your monthly expenditure and budget.

With us, you can have the loan package you deserve and the right lender that you need to help you reach that dream car of yours. 

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Approved Canberra Mortgage Brokerage Service

Let our Mortgage Broker Canberra do all the work for you. We provide an end to end solution to your problem by finding the right loan product to help you achieve your financial goals and will be by your side every step of the way. We aim for our clients’ satisfaction with our services by going beyond their standards and expectations. We do our best to be able to help and also educate our clients.

We’ve been in this field for many years,  striving only for excellence with our work, and constructing the right financial strategy for our clients. It simply means that we work with you from scratch and carefully put together a roadmap to provide you the best outcome as possible.

We don’t stop right after your loan is approved, we will remain in contact with you to check on you and review everything annually to reconnect and strategise if needed. With our qualified and professional skillset, we will give you access to the best deals on the market, but we can also lighten the burden on your back by doing all the paperwork that needs to be done. We can say that it’s a win-win situation!

We do all the work for you while you can relax and be free from stress without disrupting your daily schedule.

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We are aware of all the headache and stress that making financial decisions can give to you. That’s the reason why we are here, for you to have peace of mind and ensure that things will go well in our hands to help you have the best financial services and value as much as possible. Let Mortgage Broker Canberra serve you!

For us, there is only one objective and that is to give our clients exceptional customer service. We want our services to be at its finest when it comes to quality and standard. We will educate our clients to help them make decisions confidently. We will keep you updated and provide you with complete and transparent service.

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