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Home renovation talks can give you a lot of stress and you need to find the best way to fund for your renovations. Options may include paying using your savings, secure additional funds through a lender, and using the built-up equity from your existing property.

You may consider using your own savings or existing funds kept in your loan offset or redraw facilities so you won’t need to incur any additional debt which can be a good option. If you have plans using your redraw facility or offset account’s fund it is wiser to think of the possible consequences that these can affect your current loan in the long term considering that your interest expenses will increase and the span of time repaying the loan.

You may also consider borrowing additional capital through your existing property’s equity as an option. You can increase the size of your loan and put the funds into your offset account that way you can save additional interest until you incur your expenses.

Replacing your existing home loan is a similar commitment as refinancing your loan, that’s why you better consult a professional or an expert to educate yourself regarding these financial implications. You need a team you can have an excellent experience with and can make sure to provide the best strategies based on your financial health and outlook. That’s why we are sure that our Renovation Loans Canberra team is what you are looking for.

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